Website Development Process

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Step One

Right after the contract and payment has been received, we send you a set of onboarding questions that are designed to get the project moving in the right direction. This contains everything from content questions to overall goals and everything in between for grand rapids web design. Once the answers to these questions are received, both parties generally have a pretty good idea of how the process will unfold.

Step Two & Three

Dekker Web Solutions and the client work closely together to assemble the website wireframe (i.e. the page structure), and a basic layout of what will be included on each page. As content is acquired from the client, the DWS team checks off the list of what is still needed for us to begin building the website. Also during these weeks, both parties review aesthetic considerations so that the client has a large amount of say in exactly what they want the website to look like.

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web agency

Step Four

After the wireframe has been chosen and the content acquired, the DWS team begins construction of the new website. If we really work hard, this process usually only takes 5 to 7 business days for most websites.

Step Five

The client and DWS meet either in person or via video-conference to debut the brand-new website! This is typically the most exciting portion of the project. After the meeting, the client is given a link to the development website so that they’re able to review it on their own time. Once the review is finished, the client submits a list of requested changes, which DWS completes right away. After that, it’s time to launch!

graphics design