Website Development Approach

Our Approach

Unfortunately, the website world is full of developers who don’t care about their clients, and are simply looking for another paycheck. As a result, clients end up with an overpromised, undelivered, confusing mess, and there’s no follow-up or continuing help past the launch date.

As a response to this grim reality, DWS makes sure that every client feels taken care of, heard, and respected, and we focus specifically on three things when it comes to web design grand rapids:

Creating an easy and seamless process. Most of our clients don’t know anything about web development (and frankly, don’t want to learn), so we make the process simple for them by doing all of the heaving lifting.
Creating the website on a platform that’s flexible and understandable. 90% of the time, our clients have little to no technical knowledge. So, it’s our job to make sure they feel comfortable with their new website so that they’re able to properly care for it after launch.
After-Launch Care: Part of our pledge to each customer is that we’ll serve as a partner with each client after launch so that they know that they have someone to go to if the get stuck.
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